Hi and welcome to our shop !
We are two 3D artists from Montreal, Canada who have a passion for videogames, sculpture, 3D, art and movies.
Our goal is to bring to life props from videogames and movies and make them available for you to own.

  • Florence, owner of the workshop, sculptor and prop maker :

I’m a lot into fantasy stuff, I used to work as a 3d designer for a company that makes real medieval swords. I started prop making for a comic con costume 2 years ago and decided to start selling on Etsy to get back the cost of materials, I did not know it would sell so well. I learned a lot since, like leatherworking and wax sculpting. I like traditional sculpting the most, as well as organic shapes but enjoy very much working in 3D with Zbrush. I always try to improve my masks, testing new resins and making sure to give lots of love to the paint job. My favorite game is Skyrim and favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter films.

  • Maxime, co-owner and helps with mold-making, 3D modelling and shipping.

We use various techniques from traditional sculpture in clay to 3D printing for making it possible and at the same time we enjoy upgrading our artistic and technical skills.
There is not much items yet but as we do more props, there will be more choice, so do not hesitate to send us a message if you have a suggestion.

For more information on our process, go check our blog section.